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On Street Parking

Paystation Locations

The Winnipeg Parking Authority provides paid on-street parking in the downtown and Exchange District areas of Winnipeg.

The majority of paystations in these areas allow for 2 hours of parking at a cost of $1 per hour in low demand areas (paystations denoted with red 2 hour stickers).

As part of a process of managing turn over at on-street parking spaces, there are higher rates of $2 per hour in parts of Downtown and The Exchange. The high demand areas (paystations denoted with bright green 2 hour stickers) are denoted in the map below.

High Demand Area Map

Paid on-street parking is also available around the Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface Hospital areas (paystations denoted with blue 4 hour stickers). Hospital area paystations allow for 4 hours of parking at a cost of $2 per hour.

Solar Powered Paystations Only

The Winnipeg Parking Authority operates solar powered parking paystations only. The WPA does not operate any other type of parking control device for on-street parking. WPA paystations are identified by the WPA logo on the sides of the portion of the paystation that holds the solar panel.

Other On-Street Parking

A number of other agencies operate parking meters to regulate paid on-street parking on sections of roadway which they control. These meters are not regulated by the Winnipeg Parking Authority. These include:

  • The Province of Manitoba (Memorial between Broadway and York, $1/hr)
  • Forks-North Portage ($1/hr at Webb Place and $2/hr at the Forks)
  • St. Boniface Hospital ($3/hr)
  • Health Sciences Centre ($3/hr)
  • Grace Hospital ($3/hr)
  • Concordia Hospital ($3/hr)
Last update: July 31, 2014

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