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Winnipeg Parking Authority
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Mobile Vendor Parking Permit Program

Mobile Vendor Carts operating on a boulevard or sidewalk and requiring a Use of Street Permit can visit Public Works website for more information on Conducting Business on a Boulevard Use of Street Permit.

Once you have obtained the required Public Works Use of Street permit to park your cart on the sidewalk, you may apply for a Parking Authority Support Vehicle Permit, which allows you to park your vehicle in accordance with the permit type purchased while you operate your cart.

For Mobile Vendor Trucks or Trailers operating on a roadway please read below for your permit options.

Permits are now required for Mobile Vendor Units who wish to park on any City of Winnipeg street. A unit is a motor vehicle or trailer that is legally parked and being used to serve, from within the vehicle, goods to pedestrians located on a boulevard or sidewalk. Additionally permits will be available for support vehicles used to transport a sidewalk mobile vendor that has been issued a Use of Street Permit by Public Works. All other regulations and by-laws remain in effect.

Any permit issued as a Metered Permit allows the unit to operate Monday – Saturday, holidays inclusive, adhering to all parking restrictions and City of Winnipeg by-laws at the corresponding on-street metered location, as approved by the permit and so long as there are no more than 2 Mobile Vendor Units stationed on the same block face. Parking can resume once the parking meters are no longer in effect and do not require payment, but still adhering to all posted parking restrictions.

The permit does not have any restriction on the hours of operation where there is no meter payment required, including on time restricted streets.

The permits full Terms and Conditions can be found on the permit applications.

It is the policy of the WPA that any and all outstanding fines and charges must be paid in full prior to the issuance of a parking permit.

Mobile Vendor Pilot Project

The Winnipeg Parking Authority in conjunction with the Winnipeg Food Truck Alliance Inc., Downtown and Exchange Biz collaborated on the pilot project in 2016 to allocate 25 vendor locations within the boundaries of Main Street to Memorial Boulevard and Broadway Avenue to York Avenue.

Vendors wishing to participate within the 2018 space allocation will be required to complete the pre-registration agreement with the appropriate information and documentation and provide a $250 non-refundable deposit prior to close of business Wednesday, March 19, 2019. The deposit will be deducted from the mobile vendor’s permit fee payable by the vendor in the event the fee is paid prior to April 1, 2019. In the event the permit fee is not paid by April 1, 2019, the vendor will be prohibited from participation in the following year’s space allocation, in addition to forfeiting the deposit.

Space Allocation Draw & Ballots

The 2019 Mobile Vendor Space Allocation is taking place on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 3:00 PM within the Carol Shields Auditorium at the Millennium Library for those who pre-registered. Spaces will be allocated based on a random selection of ballots, which will be provided at the event on the day of the draw. Each pre-registered vendor will receive one ballot, with the seniority of the vendors recognized with the allocation of an additional ballot for each year(s) the vendor has been in business, based on the business start date noted in the City of Winnipeg database for licensing, verified through the 2016 pilot project.

Space Allocation Agreement

Permit Types

High Demand Permit - valid in high demand metered areas and is transferable to low demand metered or non-metered areas.  For this permit type the permit holder can park in a high demand, low demand or non-metered permit area. High demand areas are noted in the map below:

High Demand Area Map

Low Demand Permit - valid in low demand metered areas and is transferable to non-metered areas.  For this permit type the permit holder can park in a low demand or non-metered permit area.  A low demand permit cannot be used to park in high demand areas.

Non-Metered Permit - valid for any area that does not have a paystation meter  and is not transferable to any high demand or low demand metered areas.

Please see below for cost and what documentation is required when applying for a Mobile Vendor Parking Permit.

Applying For a Permit

Permits can be applied for by attending our office during regular business hours. Please see below for the documentation we will require at the time of application. All applications are subject to approval.

Required Documentation

Item 1: Identification

A valid driver’s license is required for all permit applications.

In the case of dual ownership of a company, both licenses would be required at the time of application.  If the second owner cannot be present, a photocopy of the license will be accepted so long as they have signed the application form. If the second owner does not have a valid driver’s license, another form of government issued identification will be required. E.g. Passport, Health Card

Item 2: Valid MPI Registration

Always bring your valid MPI registration for each vehicle that requires a permit.

If you or the business are not listed as the registered owner of the vehicle, a statutory declaration will need to be completed by the registered owner prior to the application being approved.

Form ➤ Declaration Form

Item 3: Permits

At the time of application you will be required to provide the information noted below as applicable to your business type.

For mobile food vendors - A valid permit issued under section 3 of the Food and Food Handling Establishments Regulations, Manitoba Regulation 339/88R.

For support vehicles used to transport a sidewalk mobile vendor - Public Works Use of Street Permit.

For Corporations - Further documentation is required if you are a co-owner and/or if the vehicle is registered to a business. An Annual Return of Information would be sufficient.


Mobile Vendor & Support Vehicle Permit:

For current rates please refer to the Fee Schedule.

You may start parking the day after the virtual permit is purchased and processed by our office. Visit our FAQs for more information pertaining to virtual permits.

Changes to Your Vehicle Information

Only one vehicle licence plate will be allowed per permit. As these permits are non-transferrable, one application must be submitted for each vendor.

If there are changes to the vehicle associated to your permit, the permit must be updated by providing the WPA with MPI registration. All vehicles displaying a valid permit must be registered with Manitoba Public Insurance prior to parking on-street.

More Information

For more information regarding the Mobile Vendor Permit, visit our FAQ section.

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