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Winnipeg Parking Authority
The Parking Store

Meter Payment Methods

Payment Types Accepted

Purchase parking using the WPA paystations which accept cash, Mastercard, Visa and American Express. You may also purchase parking using the PayByPhone App which accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Prepaid Visa and Prepaid Mastercard.

At this time we are unable to process payments using Visa Debit cards.


Pay by Phone

Benefits of using PayByPhone:

  • All you need is your mobile phone
  • Be automatically reminded when your time is almost up
  • Extend your time from any mobile phone
  • Stay safe and comfortable while paying
  • View and print parking transactions online

Download the iOS or Android app, parking online at, or call 204-957-7275.

Pay for your on-street parking without having to leave your vehicle or remembering to bring change. Get a text reminder when your time is almost up! Once the purchased maximum time for that parking spot has expired, you can use the PayByPhone app to buy an additional 30 minutes.

The Winnipeg Parking Authority has engaged PayByPhone, a company based in Vancouver, to provide motorists a convenient way to pay for parking using their mobile devices. Once you have registered with PayByPhone, you will be able to pay for your parking using your cell phone.

While you can register over your phone, we recommend registering online through PayByPhone’s website or downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

PayByPhone: How it works

PayByPhone’s mobile parking payment service is free to use at the City of Winnipeg’s on-street locations and surface parking lots.

Pay for parking with the PayByPhone app.

Paid Parking

Monday to Friday

Payment is required for on-street parking during designated hours in the Downtown, Exchange District, West End, and in some areas surrounding hospitals. Paid parking is generally in effect from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. However, these hours may vary so pay close attention to signage. For example, street signage may indicate you can only park from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in areas where there is no parking allowed during rush hour times.

The maximum amount of time that you can park before you have to move your vehicle to another block face is 2.5 hours. Again, street signage identifies the exact timeframes during which you are allowed to park.

Where rush hour restrictions exist (Monday through Friday), paystations are programmed not to accept payment and the coin slot will not open.

In areas where there are no morning rush hour restrictions, paystations will accept payment earlier than 8 a.m. In this case your receipt will be time-stamped for 8 a.m., even if you paid earlier.

TIP: Always check for signs indicating parking restrictions before you pay for on-street parking. If more than one sign is posted, look at the signs starting at the highest sign and work your way down.


On Saturdays, two-hour complimentary parking is available in all on-street paid parking locations, except in the areas around the Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface Hospital. The two complimentary hours may be used on their own, or you can add up to two hours of paid time before or after. That means you are allowed to park for up to four hours total, and any two of those hours are free of charge.

Two-hour complimentary parking applies to on-street parking only, at any time between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. There is no requirement to pay upfront for parking in order to receive two-hours of complimentary parking.

When you see these new four-hour signs, it means you can park for up to four hours — two hours of which are free.

Paystations have a sticker on them to identify when Saturday complimentary parking is available. In hospital areas, there is no sticker as payment is required to park on-street.


There is no requirement to pay for on-street parking on Sundays and no time restrictions.


There is no requirement to pay for on-street parking on the following holidays.

As a holiday generally falls between Monday and Friday, there is a requirement to move your vehicle after the maximum time limited has been reached, as identified on the regulatory signage.

Description 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
New Year's Day January 1 and 3 January 1 January 1 January 1 January 1
Family/Louis Riel Day February 21 February 20 February 19 February 17 February 16
Good Friday April 15 April 7 March 29 April 18 April 3
Easter Monday April 18 April 10 April 1 April 21 April 6
Victoria Day May 23 May 22 May 20 May 19 May 18
Canada Day July 1 July 1 and 3 July 1 July 1 July 1
Terry Fox Day August 1 August 7 August 5 August 4 August 3
Labour Day September 5 September 4 September 2 September 1 September 7
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30
Thanksgiving Day October 10 October 9 October 14 October 13 October 12
Remembrance Day November 11 November 11 and 13 November 11 November 11 November 11
Christmas Day December 25 and 26 December 25 December 25 December 25 December 25
Boxing Day December 27 December 26 December 26 December 26 December 26

Scratch N’ Park Meter Passes

Scratch N’ Park Meter Passes are valid for one hour of parking, when the day, month, year and start time of parking are scratched.

Scratch N’ Park meter passes are sold in booklets of 10 and are a convenient way to pre-pay for on-street metered parking. There are two types of booklets available- one for the High Demand Metered Area or one for the Low Demand Metered Area.   

  • High Demand Meter Passes: a high demand pass can be used for one hour of parking within a  High Demand area, or low demand area including the Health Science Centre and St. Boniface Hospital areas
  • Low Demand Meter Passes: a low demand pass can be used for one hour of parking within a low demand area

Exchange Policy

  • Not refundable for cash or other products/services
  • Not replaced if lost or stolen
  • If damaged, passes may be exchanged (scratch error does not count as damaged)
  • If there is a paid meter price change, old passes may be exchanged for new ones by paying the cash difference (in person), as applicable.
  • If outdated passes are unused, they may be exchanged for new ones (in person and by paying the cash difference if applicable)

Scratch N Park Meter Passes will not be exchanged without the physical passes being provided for exchange.

Displaying your Receipt

Your paystation receipt must be displayed FACE UP on your dash. If your receipt is not visible, you may get a ticket. It does not matter which side of the dash it is placed on, but we recommend the center so it is easy to see. Here are some other things to watch for:

  • Leaving a window open: The weather is not always predictable. It may feel calm outside, but one good gust of wind through a partially-opened window can blow your receipt off the dash.
  • High Demand Area Paystation Receipt: A high demand area paystation receipt purchased from a paystation in a high demand area (with a green stripe on the receipt) can be used to park in either the high demand, or low demand area, including the Health Science Centre and St. Boniface Hospital areas.
  • Low Demand Area Paystation Receipt: A low demand area paystation receipt purchased from a paystation in a low demand area can be used only to park in the low demand areas.
  • Not checking after closing the car door: It is always a good idea to check your receipt quickly AFTER you close your door. Closing your door quickly can create a breeze just strong enough to blow your receipt onto the floor.
  • Remote car starters: This is the most mysterious force to knock a receipt off your dash. If you like to leave your heater on defrost, fan on high, and start your car from inside fifteen minutes before your appointment is over, your receipt will end up on the floor.

Also see information regarding 2 Hour Meter Permits.

Last update: July 19, 2023

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